Water Security Challenges in Costa Rica?

Water security is not the first environmental challenge that comes to mind when one mentions Costa Rica.  Perhaps tropical deforestation or biodiversity loss probably come to mind before water resources.  The nation, as a whole, is water wealthy. The available water in Costa Rica is 2.8 × 104 m3/person-year while only 1.5 × 103 m3/year is used, allowing some growth in resource …

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Feel free to call me Dr.

Thank you, Dr. Biolock. A clear reminder that titles do matter.

Tenure, She Wrote

It happens so frequently, to me, to my friends and colleagues, and in professional settings no less. In asking about your work, they say, “Mrs. Biolock, can you explain your findings?” You find yourself wondering if it is necessary to correct them, to ask them to refer to you by your professional title: “Dr.” When deciding whether to halt the conversation, to introduce that awkward moment of correction, we are actually considering whether (as my mother would say) we are willing to ruin the party. Is your name, your title worthy of the tricky pause, the halted speech, and the stilted correction?

Whether someone refers to you as “Dr.” or “Mrs.” or “Ms.”, and whether or not you correct them is in some small part about the politics of respectability. Not the typical respectability politics (à la Don Lemon ) that continues to haunt the Black community, but the…

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Water insecurity exacerbated as drought continues

Urban water insecurity increases as poor governance and water scarcity collide in small cities in the interior of Northeast Brazil. See video.Waiting for water  

Water Security Sessions in CLAG New Orleans

Leaving for New Orleans to attend the Conference of Latin American Geographers Conference early tomorrow morning.  I appreciate smaller conferences and hopes of less performance and more engagement.   The organizers have kept the conference to only three concurrent sessions, but I probably will miss some talks regardless of the careful planning.  Here are the …

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Water Security at the AAG in San Francisco

The paper and panel line-up for the "Water Security? Critical Geographical Engagements" at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting in San Francisco covers a range of scholars and topics.  Jessica Budds (Water Security Centre, East Anglia), Alex Loftus (King's College), Vanessa Empinotti (UF do ABC, Brazil), and I co-organized sessions scheduled on Thursday, …

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Graduate and Undergraduate Research Opportunities

I have two undergraduate research opportunities and one graduate research opportunity for students.  Please contact me (wjepson [at] tamu.edu) if you are interested.  Send your CV and a statement of interest along with an email that explains your qualifications. Undergraduate Research I am actively seeking undergraduate researchers for two projects on water security. Computer Science Undergraduate …

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Joining TAMU “Water Program” Faculty

Today I will be joining the Texas A&M University interdisciplinary faculty for the Water Management and Hydrological Science graduate program.  I look forward to offering seminars that would be of interest to the students, particularly in the area of water and society.  The formal recognition also allows me to serve on water program MS and …

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Congratulation, Heather Lee!

Heather Lee, a Ph.D. student in Geography, has been awarded the Texas A&M University Dissertation Fellowship to support the writing phase of her doctoral dissertation!  Heather's project, supported by grants from the National Science Foundation DDRI (with Jepson) program and the Glasscock Center (TAMU), examines water governance and the adoption of conservation technologies for irrigation in Mexico.

AAG 2015 Chicago – Session Updates

Fast/Slow States: Time-Space, Technology, and Water Governance Here is our line-up of papers, discussants, and panelists for the AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago. The papers represent a full range of approaches to water governance and time-space across the globe. We have two paper sessions and a panel discussion. Paper panel 1: Cecilia Roa (UBC), Jessica Barnes (South …

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Texas Tribune – Drinking Water Systems Draw Federal Concerns

Thanks, Neena, for the great reporting!

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Newsroom

More than 310 public drinking water systems in Texas — nearly 4.5 percent of the state’s regulated public water systems — have quality issues that haven’t been adequately addressed, federal officials told the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality this year. That is the highest percentage in the nation, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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