Selected Publications


  • Jepson, W., Amber Wutich, and Leila Harris. (submitted, 2018) “Water-Security Capabilities and the Human Right to Water” for Farhana Sultana and Alex Loftus (Eds.), The Right to Water (2nd Edition), Earthscan, New York and London
  • Wutich, A., J. Budds, W. Jepson, L. Harris, E. Adams, A. Brewis, L. Cronk, C. DeMyers, K. Maes, T. Marley, J. Miller, A. Pearson, A. Rosinger, R. Schuster, J. Stoler, C. Staddon, P. Wiessner, C. Workman, S.L. Young. “Household Water Sharing: A Review of Water Gifts, Exchanges, and Transfers Across Cultures.” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews – Water.  Accepted 6/2018
  • Audrey Joslin* and Wendy Jepson (2018) “Constructing Territory and Authority through Market-based Conservation in Ecuador’s Andes” Geoforum 10-20 
  • Bruno, Tianna* and Wendy Jepson. (2018) “Market Environmental Justice: EPA Environmental Justice Showcase Community Project in Port Arthur, Texas” Local Environment 23 (3) 276-292 
  • Wutich, A. Jessica Budds, Emma Norman, Wendy Jepson, Kathleen O’Reilly, Sameer H. Shah, Leila Harris, Jamie Shinn, and Sera Young (2017) “Advancing Methods for Research on Household Water Insecurity: Studying Entitlements and Capabilities, Socio-cultural dynamics, and Political Processes, Institutions and Governance” Water Security 1(2)​ 
  • Jepson, Wendy, Jessica Budds, Emma Norman, Amber Wutich, Kathleen O’Reilly, Sameer H. Shah, Leila Harris, Jamie Shinn, and Sera Young (2017) “Advancing Water Security for Human Development: A Relational Perspective” Water Security 1(1)
  • Jepson, Wendy, Amber Wutich, Godfred Boeteng, Shalean Collins, and Sera Young. (2017) “Progress in Household Water Insecurity Metrics: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective in the Social Sciences” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews – Water 4(3)
  • Christian Brannstrom, Mary Tilton, Andrew Klein, Wendy Jepson (2015) “Spatial Distribution of Estimated Wind-Power Royalties in West Texas,” LAND 4(4), 1182-1199 
  • Jepson, W., & Vandewalle, E. (2016). Household water insecurity in the Global North: a study of rural and peri-urban settlements on the Texas–Mexico border. The Professional Geographer 68 (1), 66-81
  • Vandewalle, E., & Jepson, W. (2015). Mediating water governance: point-of-use water filtration devices for low-income communities along the US–Mexico border. GEO: Geography and Environment 2107121.
  • Jepson, W. and C Brannstrom (2015) “Techno-nature and the scaling of water governance” in E. Norman, C. Cook, and A. Cohen (eds) Negotiating Scale in Water Governance. London: Ashgate Publications
  • Jepson, W. and H. L. Brown* (2014) “‘If no gasoline, no water’: Privatizing drinking water quality in south Texas colonias” Environment and Planning A 46 (5): 1032-1048
  • Jepson, W. (2014) “Measuring a ‘no-win’ waterscape: Experience-based scales and classification approaches to measure household water security in colonias on the US-Mexico Border” Geoforum (51): 107-120.
  • Jepson, W., C. Brannstrom, and N. Persons* (2012) “‘We don’t take the pledge’: Environmentality and environmental skepticism in the epicenter of US wind energy development” Geoforum (43): 851-863
  • Jepson, W. (2012) “Claiming water, claiming space: Contested legal geographies of water in south Texas”  Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 102(3):614-631
  • Brannstrom, C., W. Jepson, and N. Persons*. (2011) “Social Perspectives of Wind-Energy Development in West Texas” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 101(4):839-851.
  • Jepson, W., Brannstrom, C., Filippi, A. (2010). Access Regimes and Regional Land Change in the Brazilian Cerrado, 1972-2002.  Annals of the Association of American Geographers 100(1):87-111.


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